CH.V (30 Day Pack)


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60 individually packaged CH.V Collagen SmartFilms.

Simply apply two films daily before sleep for 30 days


Fluran, modified starch (gluten free), Glycerin, Collagen (Fish), Glycerin Fatty Acid Ester, Carrageenan, Lemon Oil, Vitamin C, Aspartame (Phenylalanine Included), Elastin Hydrolysate, L-Menthol, Hyaluronic Acid (Pork included)


Keep in cool & dry place away from direct sunlight, hot and humid temperature


CH.V 30 Day Pack is an imported supplement from S. Korea and will contain instructions and products details in Korean. (US SKUs arriving soon!)


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  • What is CH.V?
    CH.V is an oral disintegration (dissolving) SmartFilm® supplement that has been newly introduced by Seoul Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    CH.V does not apply to the skin or digested like traditional collagen products, but is an oral dissolving film that is applied through the oral mucous membrane, the inner sidelines of your cheek.
  • What is SmartFilm® technology?
    SmartFilm is a new technology, producing an oral disintegration film which is rapidly developing and commercializing in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Is CH.V safe?
    Yes, CH.V is FDA approved and an edible supplement.
  • How to use CH.V?
    Two CH.V films are applied once a day before going to bed, on the inner cheek lining of your mouth. The film is fully absorbed into the body within 1 to 2 hours after application, and is also effective in preventing dry mouth, which is likely to occur during sleep at night.
  • Who can benefit from CH.V?
    Essentially anyonecan benefit from using CH.V, but is primarily for women and men in their 30s and older who are concerned and would like to improve their wrinkles and elasticity of their skin.

    • Those who have undergone hospital procedures
    • People who have discomfort due to injection surgery
    • Perfect for travel
  • Why does our body need collagen?
    All women and men have a steady decline in collagen production by the time they reach their twenties and thirties. In addition to the natural aging process, ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun break down the skin, increasing the loss of collagen creating wrinkles and reduced elasticity.   Providing collagen in your skin is important and the key for maintaining skin elasticity and minimizing wrinkles.
  • What other products have SmartFilm® technology applied?
    CH.V is the world’s first oral disintegration film for skin care using SmartFilm® technology from Seoul Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    In addition to these, there are other possible applications of treatments such as dementia, erectile dysfunction, antiviral, gastric acid secretion inhibitor, sore throat, migraine, insomnia, motion sickness, and obesity.
  • What ingredients are in CH.V?

    CH.V is comprised of

    • Collagen (Elasticity Hyaluronic acid: Moisturize)
    • Vitamin C (Promotes absorption)
    • Elastin (Supplement skin elasticity)


  • What is the difference between CH.V and conventional collagen products?Before the launch of CH.V and SmartFilm® technology, collagen was applied through food intake (peptides) or cosmetic products via (topical) cream or gel form. Both forms have been found to be ineffective as supplements
    • Collagen peptides taken via digestion are decomposed into amino acids by the digestive enzymes
    • Collagen creams and gels have trouble being fully absorbed through the epidermis or stratum corneum, which naturally protects the skin and acts as a barrier.

    CH.V is the only product that overcomes the limits of existing collagen products (ineffective absorption) and can effectively and rapidly absorb collagen through the oral mucosa.

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